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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Early morning


It's so quiet and peaceful early in the morning. We stayed overnight at Chris' house last night and will travel on to the Lake House today.

The landscaping at this house is amazing. At every season there are things blooming. All around the pool there are various flowers.

I took some photos and played around with waterlogue and Brushstroke apps.

I've never seen this kind of lily before but the deep colors are gorgeous.

Not only is the pool area landscaped but all around the house there are beds. So pretty.



  1. Early morning...

    Lovely time of day....

    Not hot yet....


    Enjoy your weekend...

    Happy 4th of July hugs,

  2. so beautiful!
    and the pool looks especially inviting.
    I can almost feel the fresh early morning air...
    with only a cup of coffee and bird song to start the day!
    have a wonderful trip! ♥

  3. Such a beautiful place! Yes, I love the early morning quiet. :)

  4. Happy 4th of July, Peggy! A weekend at the Lake House sounds wonderful! Have an awesome time with your family!


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