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Monday, June 13, 2016

It was love at first sight


I saw it sitting there.  Just a chair. The store owner had just opened and put it outside.
IMG_5975It had rungs on the back and a cane bottom seat. The milk paint was a lovely shade of blue that just made my heart sing. IMG_5972I had been thinking about a chair for the front porch to hold a plant for quite a while and this one was just what I wanted.
IMG_5973Of course I had to buy a pink plant to accompany it. IMG_5970How could I resist? If you get to Carlisle, PA I think you’d like Feathers in the Nest. It’s a very small store but each time I go there I find just the right treasure.


  1. Your new chair looks perfect! The pink flowers are just the right color. Beautiful!

  2. Peggy, I'm having so much fun strolling my way through your blog! This chair is a favorite color of mine, too, and what a great deal you found.

  3. You would find the perfect chair! It looks awesome! The caning is wonderful, and it reminds me of my sister Bertie who actually learned how to do that caning! It also reminds me of a 2500+ year old caned chair I saw in an Egyptian exhibit at our museum years ago. I bet you smile and feel a frisson of pleasure every time you see the blue chair with its pink petunias!


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