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Monday, June 06, 2016

Lots of rain

Sunday brought a windy rainstorm but it didn't last very long. The rain has saved me from watering and that I like.

I am anxiously awaiting the blooming of the peonies. I have to give those bushes credit. They require nothing at all except a cage to keep the stems from falling over. And when they bloom they are glorious.

The climbing hydrangea is filling the wall and is full of blooms. This is the first year ever that it has had flowers except one year when there was one flower. I think it liked the miracle grow soil that I dumped on it last year.

Do you see the geranium garland I put around the chandelier? I also added some Luminara candles that come on at dark. Love those!

The heliotrope is also starting to blossom. How I love this time of year.


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  1. We got rain all day yesterday too. No watering necessary. :-)

    But grand daughter, who is living here for summer, didn't make tips at her "Ice Cream Man" job! :-(


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