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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The way summer should be


Summer is a very special season. As a kid...and a teacher...I always looked forward to June and the freedom from school. I loved my job but having three months off during the summer was such a treat. I still feel that summer should be celebrated. It's a time for being outside and enjoying the good weather. And doing fun things. After the chore of setting up the outside furniture and planting flowers the rest of the time should be spend doing the things you love. I of course love to travel and visit family in the summer.

YEsterday I washed windows all around the house. I took down the kitchen curtains and washed them also. It's nice to open up the windows and let in the fresh air. We also had visits from our friends. Summer is the time to socialize.

do you have any special summer plans?



  1. This is a very lovely view. I'm so happy for all who can go out and enjoy Summer!

    Because I can't.

    I walk out a door. And a signal goes out, to every flying/biting/stinging winged insect, in a 3 mile surrounding area. SHE-IS-OUT... -sigh-

    My husband and others, can sit outside and enjoy. Telling me "There are no bugs around." hahhhhhhhhh!!! That may well be true, for them. But not for me! My son-in-law is the same way, so it's not just me.

    No, I do not go out, sprayed in flowery perfume! -sigh- I guess that simply How-I-Smell-To-Them, is aphrodisiac enough. -pout-

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! And Enjoy some more, for me!!!!!


    1. It's funny you said that. My husband wonders why no bug comes my way but he is surrounded.

  2. Summer plans: More naps in the hammock, more reading on the porch,more sitting on the porch,more breakfast on the porch, much less strenuous gardening (many beds are going back into grass),fewer containers to water, more iced tea with lemon, more campfires, church at Chautauqua Institution, speakers at the Chautauqua Institution and much more doing nothing but sitting and looking at my garden.

    1. Your summer sounds wonderful. More fun, less work...perfect!

  3. I eat chocolate every season! LOL Like you, Peggy, I enjoyed my breaks from school, although mine occurred throughout the year, and I worked in July and August. We've just returned from a trip to England, Italy, and a wedding in Baltimore. I'll be heading to Nova Scotia in mid-July to spend time with my family. Meanwhile I enjoying summer in Colorado ~ one of the best parts of which is waking to the sounds of meadowlarks singing in the green space around our home. It's the sweetest, purest sound.


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