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Friday, June 24, 2016

Art lessons

As you know I have been taking art lessons since the fall. I’ve wanted to get back into painting for some time now and I knew a class each week would give me the motivation I needed. IMG_1221

What I really love about the class is that I have input into what exactly I want to do. Adriana is an excellent artist and teacher but she also allows me the freedom to paint on my own.

This zebra painting started out as an abstract in the background but became realistic. It isn’t a subject that I would have ever chosen but I enjoyed working on something completely different.
IMG_1210This lion is something I worked on at home and finished in class. What a great time I am having. IMG_1218Update on Sadie. I don’t know that you can tell from this picture but since we have taken her off of the steroids for a week she has lost weight and looks terrific. The vet in Buffalo is working with our vet here and we will be putting her on an anti-inflammatory for ten days. She feels better and her joints are not swelling as much. But she still has trouble with her back legs. She has trouble getting up from sitting and jumping up. We even put small stairs so she can get up on the couch easier. Hopefully the new meds won’t be so hard on her and help those back legs. She loves to swim in the lake and we want her to be more healthy. 


  1. Oh I love that lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. your paintings are beautiful! and i mean that.
    my friend's little dachshund papito is having joint problems too.
    the vet recommended that she feed him food with no grain in it.
    just as it helps our joints to not eat grains... apparently it helps theirs too.
    she got him rachel ray's new food with only meat and vegetables... and he's already BETTER!
    just a thought to maybe try for sadie's joint pain too. what have you got to lose!
    and sadie does look wonderful now... her little sleek self again! XO♥ i love that she loves to swim!

  3. After a week without steroids Sadie seemed much better and yesterday we started her on a new anti inflammatory. She is like a new dog today. She has energy and actually jumped up on the couch without hesitation. We are so happy that we are getting good results. We did try her on the Rachael Ray no grain food. She didn't care for it much and we didn't think it helped. But thanks for the suggestion.

  4. i'm just SO HAPPY that she's feeling better!!! i love little Sadie! ♥


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