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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Can you believe it?

It's seven am on Thursday and it is 37 degrees. Can you believe it? This is June 9 th. Why? I'm praying that earlier it didn't frost and kill the leaves on the Japanese Maple out front. I thought we were done with such cold weather. For the last two years my maple has had frost in May which destroyed the top of the tree and it had to be drastically pruned this year. I know it will warm up but yesterday it was so cold it had me in my Acorn sock slippers for my cold feet and the heat on. Is this summer?

it will warm up this weekend, thank goodness. And it is Father's Day. I want to give a shout out to my two sons who are great fathers. They both have raised their children to be great people. They have instilled values and respect for others in their kids and I am so proud of them. They had a good example with my husband.




  1. You are colder than we are!!! Wow, 37 degrees!!!

    So, where is that global warming. (Just HAVE to say that question, when weather is so weird. >,-))

    I have put off turning heat on, but............. Not saying how long I will hold out! -grin-

    Good luck to your Japanese maple. We have had one out front for years, and we love it.


  2. Oh my! That is too cold for June! I hope your Japanese maple makes it through okay. And I hope you warm up today. We are expected to get a high temperature of 94 on Saturday here in Ohio. It will will be our hottest and feel very hot since the average highs this week have been in the upper 70's. Crazy weather.

  3. That is cold for this time of year! I hope your Japanese maple came through well. From your more recent posts, it looks like your flowers did just fine.


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