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Friday, June 17, 2016

Getting the camera out

Photographs, and sometimes good ones, could be made everywhere, even in the most seemingly commonplace or fraught moments. –Sally Mann, Hold Still


Yesterday I decided to take my camera out for a stroll and try to take some better photographs. I feel my picture taking is getting stale since i don’t push myself. I just take photos around my house that document my daily life without trying new techniques or stretching my skills. So I wanted to combine a walk with Sadie and picture taking. About six miles from our house if Crook Farm. It’s a lovely old farmhouse which has been restored and depicts the early history of Bradford. The Landmark Society holds a country fair every August there. There is also a one room schoolhouse on the property, a bank building and a barn. In the spring school children come and take part in an old fashioned classroom and experience life in the house in the olden times.

  So Sadie and I ventured out there. Behind the house is a walking path that goes along the Tuna  (Tunungwant) Creek. Behind the home were two lovely flower beds with old fashioned flowers such as foxglove and peonies. I spend a little time taking shots of the flowers while Sadie sniffed around. Then we started our walk despite the pesky gnats busy all around us. Unfortunately we only got about fifty feet when I realized that Sadie just wasn’t going to make it. She walked very slow and then began to hobble. Her arthritis is very bad these days. She is still taking predisolone every other day but her joints still swell and she just isn’t up to walking very far. I carried her back to the car. I called the vet in Buffalo and we are going to try a different anti inflammatory. But first she has to be off the steroids for seven days. This might be hard and the vet said we could expect her to get worse. Poor Sadie.


   This morning I had it in mind to download the pictures from my camera and show you all the lovely flowers. Much to my chagrin I had not put the chip back in my camera. That means all the pictures were in the camera itself. I will have to get the cable and try to get them off that way.  Lesson learned, Peggy.  Always check to make sure the chip is in before going on a photo walk. Duh!


  so here instead are some shots of my tomato plant.




and a peony from my garden
peony 1


  1. Lovely photos...

    So sad to see a pet suffer... Arthritis hurts. Anyone who has it, can attest to that.

    Plus, humans can not continue to take predisolone. Have you asked your vet, about side effects, in pets?

  2. Hmmm, that click-able link didn't work.

    So I will try this one....

  3. LOL...

    OK, I give up.

    On links...


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