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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why I love where I live


This is what I get to see in my backyard. Can you say awwww?





  1. Awww... I saw a baby deer in my backyard a week or so ago, but I haven't seen him since. I didn't get a picture of him either. Enjoy!

  2. oh dearest bean!
    now i feel like i'm REALLY back. i have read every post that i'd missed.
    the highlights... you in that adorable straw hat... Sadie swimming and not wanting to get out at chris's pool!
    your birthday celebration for don with such good friends...
    the pink peony! OH MY!
    the terrace with the swing... and the sound of the fountains... and the flowers...
    and the pineapple sage...
    oh. i could go on with writing my usual proverbial book... all the magnificent inspiring QUOTES!
    i love your personal journal blog. it is always beautiful.
    as are you.
    thank you for a most enjoyable morning!
    it is oppressively hot here. in the high 90's with such heavy humidity that it's triple digit heat index.
    a few days ago... 115. it's dangerous. so i try to only go out in the very early mornings!
    another reason why i enjoy your blog so much. your mild but sunny summer makes me think of all those wonderful
    years i spent back east. lovely indeed.
    i'm getting stronger with each day! so life is GOOD.
    XOXOXO♥ hugs to you and to my precious little Sadie... our beloved wee girl.


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