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Monday, June 27, 2016

Whizzing by


It's almost July and summer is going by so fast. Today we are having a light rain which is so welcomed since it has been dry for so long. This will be so good for the flowers and gardens. Yesterday it was almost ninety degrees here which is very hot for us.

I have just finished binge watching Orange is the new Black on Netflix. I love that they release the whole season at once. It's great to find a program with a complicated story line and interesting characters. I even cried when one of my favorite innocent characters was killed.



  1. We seem to be settled back down into the more "take-able' 80's here. Which is summer. I can't handle the 90's!

    Have to close up and turn the A/C wall unit on and I don't like closed-up. In summer. When we are *supposed* to be able to open up. :-)

    We are still watering... As the now and then rains, seem to have stopped.

    Hope you are all ready for your lovely family time, to come.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. i wish i could say i'm sorry it's whizzing by...
    but truth to tell the unbelievable heat we've been having makes me feel totally sick.
    my A/C went out on Saturday and they just got it fixed late this afternoon.
    i spent last night with the marine. i'm trying hard not to complain.
    but i could move to Seattle in a heartbeat!!!

    1. On no! No air! How can you stand it? All you can do is try to stay cool. I'll bet the air conditioning repair men are making a fortune with all this heat. I remember cleaning out a trailer with no air. So hot I jumped in the pool with all my clothes on.

  3. Yes, summer is going way too fast, Peggy! Glad to hear that you got some needed rain!

  4. Hi Peggy, It's been years since I read the The Glass Castle. Thanks for reminding me of a great read, and especially the quote. And, we've only recently discovered the show you mentioned, Orange is the New Black, and i agree - binge watching here, too! So happy you're enjoying summer!


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