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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Playing dress up

I must admit I was a tomboy as a child. I played baseball with the neighbor boys and climbed trees. I only dressed up for church occasionally. I spent one summer in a tree wearing nothing but a bathing suit and carrying a stick for a spear. I was Jane ...you know...Tarzan's wife.

But I now love to dress up. I guess putting together an outfit is a form of using my creativity. Picking out the right top and bottom along with scarf and sweater and accessories is fun to me. Unfortunately I don't go too many places that warrant getting all dolled up. Mostly just meet the girls for coffee and go exercise. I love date night when I can get on fancier things.

I still have a lot of jewelry from my teaching days when wearing a matching set was the fashion. Back then I was the earring queen. Now I'm lucky if I remember to put them on in the morning.

Anyway this morning I took the time to assemble an outfit..I had to iron and everything

Tan crop pants, aqua top, woven vest, animal print scarf, turquoise earrings.



  1. Fun!

    You always find things to do, which are fun for you!

    A very good way, to keep a very good outlook!

    When we are having fun, we do not worry about silly things, or about terrible things, over which we have no control.


    Today, I am going to get back on my sewing machine!

    Seeee? I can have WISDOM too!!! :-))))))))))))))

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Peggy, You have a lovely sense of style! Wish you could swing by my house and help me up my fashion sense. I've been in the midst of a wardrobe overhaul since it seems my go-to outfit has become yoga pants! So happy to see YOU in today's post!

  3. oh jane!
    i love your style.
    especially your hats! :)

  4. A lovely outfit, Peggy! You're inspiring me to get some pleasure out of dressing. I'm pretty basic!


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