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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Helping out a friend

I spent all Friday and Saturday helping my friend Linda at her yard sale. Linda will be leaving for Texas soon with her three cats and she needed to liquidate a huge house full of things. Having a sale is a lot of work and thank goodness she had some people to help her. She did very well and sold all the big pieces of furniture and most of the little things. 



She gave me this cute little rattan chair. I am going to use it in my art studio room.


Today we will begin packing for our holiday trip to my sister Diane’s lake house.  Evan will be watching the house while we are away. We always look forward to this weekend because all of my family and their kids join Diane’s family and we have a ball! Lots of fun in store.


  1. So happy to see someone, who is planning on being away, say that someone will be watching their house!!!!!

    Enjoy, and travel safely...

    Proudly Patriotic hugs,

  2. Just the thought of packing up our house and moving gives me shivers. I'm glad that your friend's yard sale went well! The chair is lovely!


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