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Friday, June 03, 2016

Love my busy life

I am not neglecting you blog, really I’m not. It’s just that I have a life and have been so busy I just can’t get to my computer to sit down and blog.

Did your May fly by just as fast as mine did? I blinked my eyes and it was over. Now we are into June and it promises to be as busy as ever. So if my blogging is sporadic I hope that you will forgive me and know that I am out there enjoying my summer.

Tomorrow is Don’s 74th birthday and we have a weekend of celebrations. Tonight we are going to the casino to see Travis Tritt and eat at the buffet. Don loves crab legs so this will be a treat. Tomorrow night we are going out with two couples to his favorite restaurant the Nickel Inn. It is so nice to share the fun with those we love. I bought Don an electric weed eater for his birthday. With his COPD it is difficult for him to pull the cord on our gas one and it is too heavy to manage. This will be lighter and easier for him to use. He is learning that he now has to make concessions to this disease.

Yesterday I went with my friend up to Buffalo. She is moving to Texas soon and taking three cats with her so we went to Pet Smart to get a few things. While up there we did a lot of looking but bought very little. One of the things I bought is a slushie maker. You just freeze the inside of a plastic glass and pour in juice, stir, and a slushie comes out. I figure this will help with my craving for something cold in the hot weather.

Speaking of hot, our temps have been right up in the high seventies and eighties. It rained yesterday but today I need to go out and water and finish planting. I went to the dr this am for a checkup and all is well. Hurrah! I love good news.

I hope that however you are enjoying these first days of June that you are having a ball! IMG_5876IMG_5838


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  1. Happy Birthday to Don!

    Sounds like you both, will have a lovely weekend, to celebrate it! Super!

    And hooray for good doc visit! That is the very best part!

    Enjoy life! Oh yes! There will be another long winter, eventually. When it is harder to plan on traveling, even a short ways. Now is the time to go!!!!

    Thank you for your comment on my latest "Rattle The Wood Work" post! :-)



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