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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Another fun weekend

We had a super weekend. We went to visit Chris and his family. My sister Linda came up from Virginia. It is always nice when the family gets together. We visited and laughed and talked. We swam in his pool and cooked out. On Saturday morning we went to some flea markets. I'll be posting a pic of my treasure tomorrow.

Sadie who loves to swim had a great time and was in the pool a lot. We had her wear her life jacket because she just doesn't know when to quit. We had to be stern with her just to get her to get out once in a while to rest.

We also watched a movie in Chris' home theater downstairs. It is so nice on the huge screen and surround sound and with comfy reclining seats it is better than going to the movies.

Now we are home and back to nicer weather it was really hot down in southern PA


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  1. Nothing beats getting together with your family, Peggy! I'm smiling as I think of your granddaughter cavorting in the pool. Kids always remind us of the joy in simple things.


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