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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Do you binge watch?

At Christmas time I decided to join AMazon Prime simply because I was sending so many presents out of town. It gives you free shipping which is great but the selling point is that you get your package in two days. I have continued my trial subscription into the new year since Chris got us a new television at Christmas with "smart" capabilities. There are so many movies and tv programs to choose from as well as made for Amazon special series. One that we are enjoying is Goliath.

Billy Bob Torton plays Billy McBride, formerly the hottest of hotshots, the silver-tongued attorney the juries loved. Billy is now living at a rundown motel in Venice Beach. He's an alcoholic, suffering from sleep apnea, divorced from his wife (Maria Bello) and apathetically settling court-appointed cases for a few bucks. Everything changes when a stranger (Nina Arianda) brings him a quickie case that turns out to be related to a major company with shady government ties represented by Billy's former partner Donald Cooperman (William Hurt), the head of a cutthroat firm that also employs Billy's ex. Soon, Billy's trying to straighten himself out and rekindle the sparks of his genius, but as the case gets more twisted,

Amazon and Netflix as well as Hulu and Acorn have changed the way we use our television. I began to learn about binge watching when I found programs on Netflix. I was happy that they would release all the episodes at once so I could watch it at my leisure as many episodes as I wanted at a time. I started with Kevin Spacey in House of Cards. Then saw Orange is the New Black and Grace and Frankie. It made my tv watching easy and on my demand. Now that I can stream Amazon I am enjoying Goliath. It is intelligent with great writing. I recommend it.


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