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Monday, February 13, 2017

I love a good song

Did you watch the Grammy awards last night? Now I have to tell you a little bit about the area where I live. We are away from big cities and definitely aren't urban. So sometimes when I hear a song on the Grammies ( here's an aside....is grammies the plural of grammy? Or is it Grammys? I've always used the rule change the y to i and add es but I saw it put as grammys on tv. So which is right my grammar police?) it is the first time I have heard the song at all. To give you an idea if you push scan on the radio in your car it only stops five or six times. And most of those are country stations. We don't have a pop station so I don't get to hear songs on the radio. I do have XM in my car and when I tune to the latest hits I finally can hear what the rest of the world hears. But a lot of the time I'm listening to podcasts or the news and don't bother with the hits. When I'm traveling with my husband he prefers music from the fifties. So last night when I heard Shape of You by Ed Sheeran I was blown away! What great rhythm, what a great song! I hope that you enjoy it too. I loved his Thinking Out Loud...a classic for weddings. 


  1. Great song! I'll use this one for my walks - plenty of steps!

  2. Love anything Ed Sheeran does. And yes I saw the Grammys during my brief turnaround in Colorado! Tanks to Sirius, we can now get music anywhere which is great when you're traveling in remote areas.


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