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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


There are shoppers and there are not. I certainly fall into the former category. I love the thrill of the hunt. My husband doesn't understand the concept at all. To him you only go to the store if there is something specific you need and sees no reason to go otherwise. But you know I love to search among a lot of interesting items to find just the right thing that calls my name.

And that was the case over the weekend when my sisters and I joined by her sister in law went shopping. Now we don't shop anymore at the large malls. We are much more interested in the little gift shops, resale shops and antique booths. There is where we will find unique treasures. We slowly walk past tables full of merchandise of all kinds..glassware, plates, small items of all kinds and some real old fashioned things like pickle forks. Our eyes scan right and left taking it all in and occasionally coming to rest on something that needs further inspection. We stop..pick it up and instantly decide if it is worth consideration. A number of factors determine whether or not this item is worthy of having a place in our homes. How well do we like it? We are very discriminating and we must be in love with the item for it to be taken on our trip home. How much do we want it? We tend to collect garden objects so when Linda spotted a large cement pedestal she had to add that to her collection. You can always find a use for something like that in a vignette. Is it unusual and something that you can't find at home? I brought home a lovely turquoise scarf with peacock feather motif. Does it have a special meaning to you? I found this darling fox made in Japan (Nippon). The fox holds a special meaning to our family since on my mother's side Todd was originally Todhunter in Scotland which means hunter of the fox and on our family crest are three foxes.

But the most important thing is does it call your name? I am a FRancophile and when I saw four framed French postcards that were so colorful and just the right size I knew I had to have them for my kitchen.

I put two underneath the shelf in the kitchen. The other two are hanging on the other side of the kitchen.

Every time I glance at them they will remind me of the antiquing trip I had with my sisters.



  1. Getting your Groove on...❤️

  2. I'm somewhat in Don's corner, but that's me! I know many people who love to shop, and more power to them. Put me in a bookstore, and I can be there for hours. I do enjoy reading about your expeditions and finds.


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