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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Love Songs

Do you have a favorite love song? A song that brings back romantic memories every time you hear it? Songs can be very powerful and make you recall when and where you were when you heard it. My first real boyfriend was Bob when I was in the eighth grade. He was Italian and I fell hard and so did he. I remember the day he gave me his ring. We stood outside the classroom door and he put it around my neck and kissed me while my classmates watched from inside the door. We would talk on the phone every night for hours. In the background he would play Vic Damone's Italian love songs and I would swoon.
   For Don and I our song was Paul Anka (1963) Put you Head on my Shoulder. It was perfect for us. We sang along while we danced. Even now when it comes on our XM station we start singing along and remembering those young love times. I wonder what love songs the modern generation will remember. 


  1. my first love song also came from the 8th grade. we were stationed in Virginia.
    it was bill hunter. and I can see him even now in my mind.
    we would dance to 'only you.' to this day whenever I hear it I have to stop and dream a little in remembrance.
    when I met my beloved bob there were many that could have become OUR song. they were so wonderful.
    before he died ... the way we were had come out. both the movie and the song of course. that song has special meaning for me. he said to me once after he had got cancer... while it was playing...
    "If I had the chance I would do it all again with you. even knowing it would end this way."

  2. Terry's and my song isn't terribly romantic. We met at a bus stop, so it's "Bus Stop" by the Hollies! LOL Love Paul Anka. Heard him sing your song in Vegas many years ago!


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