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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love, love, love

Do you remember when Valentine’s Day was such a big deal? When we were kids it was all about making a valentine’s decorated box from a shoe box and waiting in anticipation for it to fill up with valentine’s from classmates. We read a meaning into the one given to us by our crush. That still happened when I was teaching. The kids loved the day that they could rush around the room filling the valentine’s envelopes and having a special delicious treat. As an adult it is still a special day. My husband NEVER forgets and there are  always flowers and a great card. He’s the best!


  1. I remember every single thing about it!
    I think the most fun was decorating that shoe box! LOL!
    but I do also remember not being able to wait to see what the one said given by 'the crush!'
    you're absolutely right.

  2. I had great Valentine's days right up till I retired. LOL Terry's not the bouquet type. :( But he's wonderful in many other ways! Kudos to Don!


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