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Thursday, February 02, 2017

ON THE SHELF…52 moments prompt

  You really can tell about people by visiting their homes and looking at what they choose to put on their shelves. I never understood how someone could hire a decorator and then let them pick out all the “fancy” objects to place just exactly right on every shelf in the house. How non personal. I love to see what people cherish enough to display throughout their homes.

   IMG_6912Every room in my house has a shelf of some kind and each one contains unique items personal to me. In the living room are two small rocks…one picked up at the Mediterranean Sea and the other at the Baltic Sean when I was in Denmark. Those two small rocks represent the two times that I traveled with my best friend Yrsa. Looking at them reminds me of the good times we had.


In the back bedroom are my personal pictures of family and friends displayed so that I can see them when I am painting there.




The shelves in the office are the place where I keep some of my reference books for photography,my printed out photos, and my health book. (Do you have a health book, by the way? It’s just a record of doctor visit and ailments. The mind isn’t what it used to be so it’s a good way to keep track.)




 This shelf is dedicated to mostly fishing pictures of Don.


And these little birds sit on the shelf of the baker’s rack.

What do you keep on your shelves? Does it reveal a lot about your personality?


  1. wow!
    that health book is an excellent idea.
    i've had so many surgeries and procedures and hospital stays now that they all run together in my mind.
    i can't tell you what year anything happened! they always ask and i always simply GUESS!
    think i'll start one. thanks!

    1. I don't know what I'd do without my health book. I even have one for Sadie. She has had so much that I lose track. One year seems to blend into the other so I can't remember certain surgery times anymore.

  2. My shelves and my house certainly reveal my personality. I always feel badly when the children don't appreciate my things. They say to me so often you need to get rid of this stuff. I am making real progress with things I don't feel are beautiful or useful but I am slowly getting to the things I can't part with yet.

  3. I know my children will not be the least interested in those precious things that I adore and they will go out in a cardboard box when I am gone. But until then I I'll enjoy having them here to make me happy.


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