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Thursday, February 23, 2017

If life was all roses

I wish pets lived longer, cookies had no calories and everything was on sale.

Life is wonderful, but sometimes it isn't. We all face bumps in the road. Our bump is Sadie. I'm worried about our darling girl. The new medicine which is a chemotherapy drug has done wonders for her. She is more alert, her joints are not swollen, and she seems more pain free. But the lupus has caused damage to her front feet and made them turn out at an awkward angle. The vet is very concerned about this as are we. It makes it difficult for her to walk easily. She is getting up and walking more but only sometimes. We are still doing hydrotherapy every day to keep her muscle tone. The vet suggested that maybe a brace would help her. We bought one but she doesn't like it and won't use it. We go back to the vet next week. It is so sad to see a dog with such intelligence not able to run around or play.



  1. OH Peggy :(. Poor Sadie❤️

  2. I am playing catch up with you. I had some very busy days. some of them out of town.
    and my little Sadie love.
    good news. such GOOD news. and then in the next breath very BAD news. my heart hurts for her.
    brave little soul Sadie. still in her doggy way she would probably say "life is good." XO love to you all three.

    1. All in all SAdie is so much better than before and not in the pain she was. But she may never walk normally again which is so sad. We go to the vet's on Thursday. We'll see what he has to say. Thank you as always for your concern.

  3. The Wharton quote is awesome. I don't think I've heard anyone say it better. Poor little Sadie ~ sending her and you love!


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