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Thursday, February 09, 2017


The 52 Moments prompt for this week is : in the corner: lived in. I think we bloggers always like to put on our best face when we show pictures of our house. Sometimes we sweep aside those “disturbing” things and only show exactly what we want to make us look like a fantastic housekeeper at all times. Now you know that just isn’t true. We all have things out of place at times and corners that get dirty. But let’s get real.

I’m always thinking about how my life is different than my southern relatives. I’ll bet they don’t have a boot tray sitting in a corner by the back door. This is an absolute necessity for us northern folks unless you want to have dirt and snow tracked all over the kitchen. We are trained to immediately take off our boots or shoes on entering. And even with that it is a constant battle of wiping up the melted snow and sweeping up the little pebbles of salt from the sidewalk. And there has to be a small rug of some kind as a landing pad as soon as you get in the door. This is just everyday life in Bradford. It’s not just the boots it’s scarves and hats and gloves to keep up with. And we have SO MANY coats! One for each kinds of weather that we may encounter that changes sometimes hourly.

Yes, it’s a mess. But it’s life. Cest la vie!

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  1. I know I 'clean up' at least a little if I take a picture inside my house, or at least strategically place my shot so I only see the good stuff. In reality...my corners, counters or any place else can get rather cluttered. You are so right, real life can be a mess. :)


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