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Monday, February 06, 2017


Are you getting hygge (hue-gah) in your life this winter? Light up those candles, cozy up with a warm blanket, enjoy board games with friends, and hold a warm drink. It's hygge time.

This Danish concept is really catching on all around the world. You know the Danes are considered the happiest people on earth and they embrace the concept of hygge. When I visited Denmark many years ago with my best friend who was Danish I got to experience hygge where each meal was served with lit candles and hospitality reigned. Actually that is where I was introduced to the word. It seemed that her relatives really knew how to slow down and enjoy life and each other's company. Now there are many books on the subject. Here are a couple.


So today I'm going to enjoy a warm cup of cocoa, cuddle under a blanket and of course, light a candle. How about you?




  1. i too love hygge! i'm drawn to its simplicity. it matches my 'cozy minimalism' way of living.
    i think the more unsettled the world gets the more we crave simple homelike ways. and we've never needed it so much as now! :)
    it's so much nicer than thinking the world revolves around 'always bigger and better and MORE!' hygge is for everybody.
    hygge seems to value contentment and coziness above all else. thank goodness for that message now! the world needs it.
    hope you and sadie are feeling better! i love this post. XO♥

  2. I think I do that every day...but it's a very simple way of doing...Nothing­čśÇ


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