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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Taking time

I’ve had such a busy schedule this week but I’m so glad yesterday that we took some time for family and friends. Our good friend had a knee replacement that has been needed for quite some time and we went to Coudersport (about an hour and half away) to visit with him. He is Don’s best friend from when they were kids. Their birthdays are one day apart. He was the best man in our wedding and has been a great pal over the years. He is doing so well and is pleased that he can straighten out his leg finally.

  After our visit there we stopped in another town to see Don’s sister and husband who came up for a week from Tennessee. Ginny made us a lovely dinner and we had a great chat. Family is so important to us. Today I had my coffee friends up to play marbles. What a fun time.

Those two monkeys climbing up the wall on the right are my two grandchildren. They are fearless. 16508256_1853861671569255_4538661811825177883_nI’m so happy that they live where they do near Knoxville. There is so much for them to do around there. 15665939_1853861664902589_2527854023562149848_nCan you believe that Sara is only six? She’s amazing!

She looks so funny with half baby and half adult teeth in her mouth at the moment. 16508618_1853866811568741_4147208645944381195_n16649517_1853862461569176_6648437226720623870_n

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  1. Family is important. They look like they are having so much fun. :)


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