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Monday, February 27, 2017

The light was just right


If you live in the south you take sunshine for granted but in the hills of western Pennsylvania it is a little different. The weather moves over the great lakes, pick up moisture and forms clouds which sometimes cover the sky all day. So when we have a day where the sun comes pouring in this winter it is time to rejoice.

I may be rushing spring to be here but I picked up these tulips and birdcage over last weekend’s shopping trip in Virginia and couldn’t stop myself from putting them out on the table.

The flowers are faux but the spirit is there and it lifts my spirits considerably. I know some people would never, never have fake flowers in their houses but I am practical and know that I don’t care.

I love them fresh or faux. This will do till the real thing comes along.


  1. I actually thought they were real!
    they are making them so beautifully anymore that they're truly little works of art.
    plus... i'd rather see the real flowers alive on their stems enjoying life and fresh air and sun and use the faux in the house! seems kinder that way! :)

  2. I thought the tulips were real true, and the use of light in your photos is stellar. I lived in Newfoundland where the winters were LONG and cold. Everything was literally black, white, and grey. The people brightened everything up with artificial, brightly colored flowers, sometimes sticking in the snow. Yay for them, and yah for you!


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