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Tuesday, February 07, 2017


What would we girls do without our girlfriends? Today I had lunch at Kabob’s with my classmates. This newly formed group is having such a good time. Today we enjoy a great meal at our local Greek restaurant. I had chicken slovaki (tender hunks of chicken, a Greek salad, homemade pitas with tzatziki sauce, and basmati rice). Delicious! And as usual we laughed and talked for hours. Next week we will play games at Sandy’s house.

  Today is miserable, rainy and foggy. I had my semiannual eye check (all is well) then I stopped at the library for more books and am now ready to settle down and read. A perfect way to spend the day. Image result for girlfriends cartoon


  1. I love that picture you chose to go with this post!!! it just speaks of fun and color and LIFE!

  2. I couldn't agree more! I believe that my friendships have been one of the most significant factors in shaping my life - and I'm grateful for every one! Love that you are enjoying life!


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