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Saturday, April 22, 2017


It’s hard to believe that we will be having our 55th high school reunion this summer. I’ve been involved in the reunion committee for a number of years and enjoy meeting with my former classmates to make plans.

We met at my house to finalize our plans. There are eight of us on the committee.

I still have my Easter eggs and decorations out for Spring. I found these cute springy napkins at the Christmas Tree Shop. Have you ever shopped there? It is not a Christmas store but has a little of everything at very reasonable prices. It is the kind of store that you love to wander around in just to see what you can find. I always come out with something. My favorite thing to buy there is Nonni’s salted caramel biscotti. They also carry a variety of Waverly napkins and linens. I bought my white ironstone small tureens there too.

Do you have a favorite store like that?


  1. I'm sure that your high school friends had a lovely time at your home which is warm and inviting. I wish I had a favorite store like that, but I'm not very good at feathering my nest. I've fixed it up comfortably and to our tastes, but I rarely change things up. I admire your wonderful gift of creating beautiful spaces. Once we resolve the conundrum of where to live in the coming years, I am going to become more engaged to feathering, thanks to your inspiration. Right now it's all about getting rid of things we won't need. Happy Saturday, my dear friend!

    1. PS ~ All caught up! I do enjoy your posts, my friend. I keep hoping I'll get on top of things and be regular and consistent. Do you think there's hope? Sending you, Don, and little Sadie lots of love!


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