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Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunshine...I love you!

78...yes you heard it right. We had 78 degrees today and I loved it! It was a great day all around. This afternoon I played Marbles with the Giggle Girls as we are calling ourselves. There is something about that game that we all love and laugh the whole time. Today it was at Sharon's house and she served us a wonderful fruit tart. I don't know if we spend more time playing or more time talking but it's a good time for all. 
  When I got home I took Sadie for a walk in her buggy on the Pitt Trail. I like that section of the trail which takes about a half an hour and is all flat and paved. She really enjoys getting out. She even barked when we turned into the parking lot because she was so happy. 
  After a drink of water and a little time with a Patterson novel I had enough energy to clean out my herb garden bed. I haul two laundry baskets full of weeds and trimmings from that area. It's early for us but I just had to get my hands a little dirty (well, I was wearing gloves but you know what I mean). 
   It is great to get out in the fresh air. 

Can you believe how tall the daffodils and tulips got in my dish garden? I've never seen any that tall. Soon I will take them outside and plant them.


  1. How about that...!! Didn't that day of yours turn out so grand...It's about time🌺

  2. I have this image of you and your friends squatting outside in the dirt shooting marbles into a hole scooped out of the ground. Are you really doing that??? I love marbles. I lust after marbles. Do you have some pretty ones?

    1. OH, I had to laugh at your comment. Our marble game is played with a custom made board, big marbles and a deck of cards. No squatting for us.>LOL!

    2. Okay, now I'm intrigued! Tell me more about this game and is it possible to buy it?


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