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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter


Sara in her Easter dress



Happy Easter to you readers. I hope that you are having a joyous day. This is the first Easter that we have not been with our family which is very different for us. It didn’t work out this year. I’ve never spent a holiday alone with just Don so this is difficult. I spent part of the day outside in the seventy two degree temperature weeding and cleaning up the flower beds. Later on we will go out to dinner. The peonies are starting to bloom already and the new planting on the bank are growing also. It is going to be a surprise to see what will come up and bloom since I had new landscaping done last year. I can’t wait to get the fountains going but it is really much too soon. We could still have snow. The daffodils look so pretty out front.  IMG_7088

These little flowers coming up are from a friend. I can’t wait until they bloom. I can’t remember what she called them but they spread.

Don never forgets to get me flowers for special occasions. This year the pink geraniums are perfect and lifted my spirits. IMG_7095

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  1. Sara looks so pretty in her Easter dress, Peggy. Terry and I have often spent Easter with each other because our families live so far away. We often go out for brunch to celebrate. I miss the times of being a kid and hunting down all the eggs Dad hid for me. Each of we five kids had a room or an area just for us. Dad schemed the whole year about hiding places. This year was extra special because our great niece Ella Grace MacBeath was born the Wednesday before Easter, and through the miracle of FaceTime Terry and I were able to share her first family get-together in Calgary. What a little beauty!


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