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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mr. Moon

Snuggled in my bed I could see the moon outside my open window. It felt so good to sleep with the breeze coming in while I was cuddled up under the comforter.
  The second picture is my little teapot. I am trying to practice with my DSLR camera since I will be taking a workshop on Thursday night. I need a little instruction on using the settings better.
Meanwhile the program I use to post to this blog decided not to open anymore so this afternoon I will have to deal with that. I have called Atlantic Broadband our local cable company and next week I will be getting a faster internet service and also have it for my phone. I will enjoy not having to buffer videos.
  Well off today for a hair appointment. Yea!


  1. Love Love Love your blogs!!

  2. Both shots are really cool, Peggy. I admire your determination to learn as much about photography as you can, and I so enjoy seeing your photos!


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