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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Burst of energy

Sunshine is my drug. Yesterday I felt like I had a shot of Vitamin D because I had so much energy. It was the first day that I felt like it was really Spring. While Don mowed the lawn I went up into the back yard and picked up branches and sticks that had fallen during the winter. We have large very old hemlock, maple, and pine trees there and the strong winds of winter had shaken many small branches down. It must have bent over two hundred times. Good for the waistline. In the backyard I found a small object which I had no idea what it was but it looked important like a part to something. Later on when Don came in the house and was complaining that he had lost the part that held the chute for the bagger and I pulled the part right out of my pocket and said "Is this it?" Wow, did that make him happy.

After that I did some gardening. I cleaned up my picket fence area and herb garden, used the blower to clean off the driveway, weeded and cut back all the debris from the bank garden and picked up all the oak leaves. I even got out my pineapple fountain. It was a busy day and very productive.

The good thing was that my hip doesn't hurt anymore and that is why I was able to get so much done. The exercises have done their job and stretched out my leg muscles so they don't irritate the bursa sack. This time I will continue to do them everyday so it doesn't come back.

It felt great to accomplish so much. Now today I am going to get out my porch swing. I know in Bradford it could still snow again but I hope not.


  1. Hey!! It getting to look like SPRING!! So happy there was another way to help you get mobile just the way you like it. I know, if you had to sit around, because of pain, you would go bonkers! Good eye Peggy! You found what was important for Don! Enjoy My Friend❤️

  2. I'm glad to hear that your hip has improved so much, Peggy. You were really getting after your yard! I'm sure that you and Don will reap the benefit of the hard work you both were doing! Happy spring, my friend!


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