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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Bit of a bunny and an egg tree


I love it when the seasons change. We are in that transition period right now when it is trying to become warmer. There are little signs outside where I can see baby buds on the trees.

I have my own tree indoors in this galvanized French bucket filled with branches and moss. I hung a few shiny eggs and some speckled ones too on it along with tags with sayings.

This bird plate is a favorite of mine and I’m in love with this planter I picked up at a tag sale last summer. IMG_7037And each Easter I put out this bunny print.
Today I go back to physical therapy for a reevaluation of my hips. I went through one course of therapy but the bursitis isn’t completely gone. When I had it last year it only took two weeks of therapy and some exercises and I was pain free. This year I feel like I need a few more sessions. Then off to the dentist for teeth cleaning. So goes my day.
Don is busy making a walking cart for Sadie out of an umbrella stroller. I can’t wait to see if it will help make her mobile.

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  1. Did you say you had a tad too many seasonal decorations in that attic of yours? (I'm working backwards catching up) I think you may, but then you do such amazing things with them, so maybe not! I love the beautiful spaces you create. I think your home is one of your canvasses!


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