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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Do what makes you happy

Today is the day for quotes. I love a good quote and the wisdom it imparts. Sometimes it says things I am thinking and sometimes its a whole new revelation. We can learn a lot from reading quotes.

Do you have a favorite quotation?






  1. I enjoy reading quotes because I find them inspirational, but I don't have a favorite, Peggy. I often think of the fishmongers in Pikes Market in Seattle. They had a philosophy of making their customers' day, so they would do funny things like throwing fish through the air and saying things that lifted people's spirits. So I often think, "Make their day!" and try to list someone's spirits with a smile or a kind comment. It's a guiding quote for me.

    1. I remember reading a book about that. They seemed to be having fun throwing the fish around. At one of our local restaurants the waiter threw our rolls to us ...just for fun.

  2. I had seen the fishmongers in action in Pikes Market back in 1973 when Terry was briefly working there. I have never forgotten how they lifted the spirits of everyone around them with their fun antics. At some point about 67% through my teaching career, one of my principals devoted a staff meeting to sharing the book and its message to we teachers. The fishmongers were definitely on to something!


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