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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Do you love a rainy day?




The forecast for today is rain and more rain. And I really don’t mind it a bit. It’s a good day to stay in ( that is after coffee and physical therapy). I’ve been up in the attic sorting and trying to get everything into bins (and labeled, well that’s the goal anyway). I’m trying to let more and more go out of the house and that is very satisfying. I’m not a hoarder at all but I do have a tad more decorating objects than really necessary.





  Yesterday I went to be evaluated for bursitis in my hips. I have had a long course of treatments this time and they do not want me to have any more steroids so we are working out an exercise regime for me. Yesterday I did a lot of leg lifting types of exercises with weights on my ankles and I must say that this morning I thought my leg muscles would be really sore. Amazingly they weren’t and my hips even felt better. Today I am going back in so the therapist can show me proper technique. Now I have hope that I will finally be out of pain.


Don is still working on Sadie’s walker. I am so lucky that he has the talent to build something like that from scratch. It is not easy but it is coming along. It will be interesting to train her to use it for walking. Yesterday I took her for another walk in her stroller which she really loves. But it will be nice if she can go from one place to another on her own.


How do you spend a rainy day? I plan on reading. I’ve been reading more these days and really enjoying it.

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  1. It's a rain mixed with snow day here in Aurora, Peggy, and I'm spending the morning catching up with your posts and some other blogging friends. But soon I'm going to have to put on Bruce Springsteen and get busy around the house. Have a good one!


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