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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A little sunshine equals spring cleaning

There is nothing like sunshine to get you in the mood to spruce up your house. Don and I spent a little time in the house. Then I tackled y car. After our trip down south it was filled with Sadie hairs. Those pesky white hairs stick to everything. Don swept while I used the Armour all. Then I took it to the car wash. Looks like new now. 
  Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

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  1. NO! -grin- I don't. And I admit it. Perhaps I shouldn't. But that's me. lol.

    We have a cleaning lady come, twice a month. That's good enough for me. Because I am lazzzzzzzzzzzzzy!

    Oh when I get the urge to purge, I;ll go like a house-afire for a while. Throwing things out. And I will be cleaning windows.

    But the only thing that Spring makes me WANT to do, is get outside and prune rogue vines and bushes. That, is a real urge with me.

    But the Spring-Cleaning-gene, didn't get handed out to me. -gigggles-


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