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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Here comes Peter cottontail

Do you remember the song Here Comes Peter Cottontail...hopping down the bunny trail?  We would always sing it at Easter time as children. Here comes Easter once again.  What fun it was looking for our Easter baskets.  Our childhood was magical and full of traditions. Hats and new shoes for Easter Sunday. Ham at our Easter dinner. Using the good china. Mom always made the day special. 
  At this time of year I think of my very favorite bunny story...Peter Rabbit. I read it to my children and as a teacher read it many times to my children. The Beatrix Potter illustrations were so unique and gentle and the story so simple but intriguing that I never tired of it. My favorite page was Peter hiding in the watering can. Please enjoy these lovely illustrations. 


  1. I just read a Flopsy Bunny Golden book, to our youngest "Grand son," yesterday. :-))))))

  2. LOVE beatrix potter. brought back wonderful memories of reading with my gram! xo


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