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Saturday, April 05, 2014

When will it come?

I woke up to snow this morning. Yes, snow....again. This is the time that is the hardest on us. While the rest of the country is into warm weather it's still in the thirties here. It keeps us inside and gives us cabin fever. We are so anxious to get outside and breathe some fresh air. We try valiantly to keep a positive attitude but find it hard.  SPRING.....PLEASE COME SOON!


  1. Oh dear! You actually got snow-snow. -sigh-

    Yesterday afternoon, I saw few bits of snow, with the wind. We went out to eat, late afternoon, and the people next to us, were saying SNOW. I said... "I saw some too, and he said I didn't. :-)" And she said; "Oh yes, it was snow!" :-)))) And when they left, she said; "Well guess it's time to go home and get out the Christmas decorations." ,-) She at least, is trying to make light of it. Or sound so.

    Myself, I am sick of returning cold. And now, of winds, which bring snow-spits.

    -Grrrrrrrr- -moan- -pout- -spit- -grumble- -mutter- -sob- -whine- -sigh-


    1. When I tell my sister in Virginia that it snowed she just says...you poor thing.

  2. i remember those feelings exactly ... when living in northern minnesota.
    any time you can walk across a wide river with a strong current on the ICE... in APRIL...
    winter has gone on WAY TOO LONG. i rather hated it there. have never had the urge to go back.
    love your new chests in the bedroom btw!!!
    little bits of happiness however you can get it til spring arrives.
    hang in girl! xo ♥ i know... easy for other people to say!!! LOL. sorry!


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