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Friday, April 04, 2014

In with the New

We went to Buffalo to look at Kitchen World for ideas for our kitchen.  But look what we brought home.

dressers new 003

New dressers.  I have been looking all over for new dressers for the bedroom ever since I got the iron bed. You need to remember that I live in a small town.  There is one small furniture store here and a few in the next town. But I could never find what I wanted.
   Yesterday we had lunch at Chili’s and right behind it there was a Carolina Furniture Store. (There are no accidents). These black, all wood, dressers were the first thing we saw.
dressers 044

They exactly matched the jewelry armoire that I had already and the picture frames too.  I bought the pillows for the bed when we were in Tennessee last month.
dressers 045
The tall one is perfect for the tv. I am so happy!


  1. Hooray for you!

    I call this Synchronicity. When one is tuned to something, you tend to find it. You have been on the look-out for these pieces of furniture. You were having lunch, and in a store, behind there, you found the perfect furniture. Lovely.

    This has happened too many times, to me, to not "see" it. So I try to stay "open" to some gentle nudges, which I get, now and then.

    Again, hoooray!!!!!

  2. Wow! I'm impressed! I'm decorator challenged! Your bedroom is striking. Terry met his sitter Noreen over lunch to look at the high-rise condo she just had gutted and redone ~ those two love to talk real estate and renovating. He was telling me all about it on our Friday-Night-Date-Night. I actually asked him if he wished I were more like Noreen. He said, "No!" Love that guy. Enjoy your weekend and your newly finished bedroom!

  3. That's right!! It was no accident...definitely meant to be!! Yay!! Can't see it very well but I do know it's perfect :)


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