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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Come back Spring, I miss you

Sadie sits at the window and wonders why we are having snow today. We had two beautiful days in the seventies and now today it's thirty five.  Don and I got carried away with the nice weather. We got all the oak leaves out of the flower beds. Those nasty oaks are the last to fall and then they huddle together all winter like a blanket over the dirt. The beds look so fresh now and I thought I saw the beginnings of peonies trying to pop up. We also uncovered the tarp and put out the fountains and flower pots. Maybe we jumped the gun a little with that. It was such a warm day that I stayed outside as long as possible even  into the evening. Hopefully. This cold snap will pass and we can get on with spring. 


  1. Rebecca8:50 PM

    Sadie looks so discouraged.

  2. She looks more like....forlonged ;)


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