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Monday, April 07, 2014

Decisions, decisions

LAre you a good decision maker?  I'd like to think that I am since I am very fussy...we call it discriminating...and know what I like and what I don't. So when it came time to seriously think about our kitchen remodel I was faced with many decisions to make. Fortunately Don is being very cooperative and talks things over with me so that we can come to agreement. 
   The first big decision was granite, laminate, or quartz.  Granite won out by a landslide when we went to kitchen world and compared them. Next I have to decide on cupboards. I never realize the millions of permutations between woods, styles, and stains. My, oh my!  So I brought a few home to try. One stood out above all the others in richness. It's cherry with a glaze. Very elegant. 
   Another decision was electric or gas stove. I didn't like the looks of the tops of any of the gas stoves I've seen. The electric tops are so simple and clean looking. Still. Deciding on that. 
  We are working with a contractor now that I really like. He is knowledgable and has great communication skills. He gets me. And wants to make me happy. 
  I will live with these samples for a few days to make sure   After all they will be here the rest of my life
The one on the left is the cherry. On the right is the style I want. . 


  1. Such delicious decisions! :-)

    May I weigh in on the topic of stoves? Electric stove tops are smooth and cool and neat looking. Gas stoves are not so much.

    But! The purpose of a stove, is to cook well... Its purpose is not to look nice.

    Gas cooks best!

    My 2cents. :-)

  2. I really enjoy scrolling through your thoughts here on your blog...you are such a special friend for me and know that :)


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