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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Something new is in the air

Our house was built in 1953. So were the cabinets. The knotty pine is original to the house. 

It's time for a change and so I spend the afternoon at Home Depot in Olean planning out my new kitchen. S many decisions. We are going to keep the same footprint just change the placement of the dishwasher. It was very helpful to see the three d model after she had planned it all out. I even brought a sample of the door front home. I can't decide until I actually see it in my kitchen. I'm still not completely sold yet on the style. I know I love the glazing and the raised panel. It's the stain I'm unsure about. The color is wrong on this picture. It's more like the pictures below. 

I also brought home some laminate samples for the countertops. I'm still thinking about what I want there. 

Tis is a sample of the backsplash tiles that I looked at. 

Lots to think about. It's a big change. 


  1. Oh exciting!!!!!!!!!! It's been years since we re-did our kitchen. but it still looks "new" in some ways.

    Have a wonderful time, picking out just what you want! And please, lots of 'before' photos. And along-the-way photos. They will compare so well, with the all-done photos. :-)

  2. Oh Peggy! The end results is going to make you so happy and proud :) love you!


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