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Monday, November 09, 2015

A new house, a new adventure


When Chris was house hunting he had a list of wants. One thing he really wanted was a view and a sunset. His back porch faces west and he has the best sunsets over the far hills.

Out front there is a long tree lined driveway.


Lots of room for the dogs.

Inside they are removing wallpaper borders and painting


They are also building a walk in closet in Leah's room. Speaking of closets check out the master.


What a wonderful home for a well deserving family.



  1. What fun to find a house that you enjoy! I'm sure that for Chris and his wife making this lovely house and yard their home is a labor of joy! Happy Monday, Peggy!

  2. I sure can understand your son's desire for a sunset. We love living in a valley surrounded by hills but we never see a sunset here and we miss that so much.

    Wonderful master closet!

  3. It's now their Home Sweet Home :)


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