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Monday, November 16, 2015

Blackboard Art


I know you have noticed the recent trend in chalkboard art. It has become very popular but especially now at christmastime. Being a teacher I am personally familiar with chalkboards. I spend many days writing and doing math on the boards. Chalk is messy and one of the student's favorite chores was cleaning the erasers after school. I even had a small chalkboard at home that I used for notes and lists. But the chalk was a mess with fine dust all over so eventually I cut a piece of white board to put over the black.

Too bad I didn't know about those white markers back then. They seem like magic to me since they write in white but are erasable with water. I used them to organize my containers in my new kitchen.

Now I am seeing chalkboard art all over and even hopped on the trend when I did the banner a few weeks ago. Now I have an idea for my mantle in the living room. (Stay tuned). There are a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest for tags, signs, and wrapping paper. Looks like fun.




  1. White markers, that wash off!!!!!! Well, I never!!!!!! ,-) News to me!!!!!

    Thank you.

  2. Blackboards are really back in style!!


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