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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wooooo...dangerous trip

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season and it came down almost all day with huge flakes that covered the ground. We debated all day about going over to my inlaws but since we were away we hadn't been over in a few weeks. So we started out but when we reached town it was snowing fairly hard so we decided to just go out to dinner at a local Italian place that I hadn't been to in years. After our dinner I remembered why. I was very disapointed in the meatball calzone that i had. it was huge but the dought was tough and there were only two small meatballs cut into small pieces inside of it with cheese and sauce. So I ordered extra saucce and it was runny and tasted like it was straight out of a can. Don got a sub which was nothing to speak of. By the time we were finished the snow had let up so we decided to go to Eldred which is about a half hour away. The trip over wasn't too bad except we have to go over a big hill. Up on top of the hill the snow was beginning to accumulate on the road. The snow plows hadn't been out but we made it over ok. We enjoyed visiting and playing cards with Don's stepmother but after one game I felt we had better get on our way home because it was still snowing. I'm so glad we left then. When we started over the hill we knew we were in trouble. The snow was even deeper and the hill was so steep that we started to have trouble keeping the car on the curvy road. Even Don's excellent driving experiece in slush couldn't keep the car from veering towards the edge at times. If you've never driven in slush you don't realize how it can pull you where you don't want to go. We had to slow down to under forty miles an hour and were afraid we weren't going to make it clear up to the top. Between the sliding and wheels spinning and the thought that if we went off the road we would be stuck and in danger of having another car hit us I white knuckled it all the way up. I was holding my breath urging the car to keep going. When we finally crested the hill I breathed once more. Then there was the trecherous route down. The road was equally slippery on the other side. As we got to the top of the hill we saw the taillights of a car ahead of us quite a ways. We crept down the hill cautiously without slipping. When we reached the bottom we saw that the leading car was not so lucky. He was on his side in a ditch with another car stopped there to help them. Quickly the rescue squad came wth police cars and ambulcance. This Red Rock hill is infamous for accidents in weather like this. I'm sure after that they notified the plows and got it plowed and cindered. It was scary for us and we decided that we would never go over there when the weather was bad like that again.





  1. So happy you got home safely.

    Perhaps we all have a memory like this.... Having a horrible time, getting home from somewhere, with snow.... Nope, don't go again, in bad weather.

    Thank you for your comment...... The world wide net is marvelous, for coming to know people, far away. But more than once, I have experienced the worry, of knowing people, in danger. Around the globe. -sigh-

    Love, Tessa

  2. Your scary route home reminded me of some of ours from long ago. It's no fun. I'm so glad you made it home safely!

  3. We have no control once the snow hits the roads....So glad you and Don made it home safe!!!


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