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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Quite a happy holiday


I hope that you all had a happy Thanksgiving weekend. Ours was full and we finally today arrived home from Carlisle where we spent the weekend at Chris’ new home. Since he didn’t sell his other house yet he was in the process of moving but it didn’t stop him from hosting Thanksgiving. Don and I, my sister Linda, and Dan and Gretchen slept at the new house while they still had their beds over at the old house. Luckily it’s only four miles between them. We are thrilled for Chris that he is starting his new married life with a beautiful new home. There is plenty of room for everyone.
   We enjoyed a feast on Thursday and played games..Pictionary and Apples for Apples. Friday while the guys set up Chris’ media room in the basement the girls went shopping. We didn’t go to the crowded malls but just hit the smaller stores around his house. I just bought a lot of little things from Michael’s and got a lot of Christmas shopping done.
    On Saturday Linda and I went to a craft show but came out empty handed. We then shopped downtown Carlisle. It is a lovely little town with very old architecture. It was small business Saturday and we had great fun going around to the little unique stores. I found a perfect store for me called Feather your Nest where I bought a piece of old iron fencing. I loved everything in that store…the white ironstone, the real greenery, the small items. I’ll be making that a stop every time I am down there from now on.  Linda and I had lunch at Spoons….and had soup as you can guess.  I love a good bowl of homemade soup. After some more shopping we headed home. I had put chicken in the crock pot along with barbeque sauce so dinner was already made. I also made sweet and sour kilbasa and a hot cracker dip. Afterwards there were more games. We didn’t have internet or cable yet so we watched a few movies over the weekend. I hadn’t seen The Other Woman with Camaron Diaz…really cute movie.
    Back home I have put away a few things but not unpacked yet. Tomorrow is another day. And tomorrow I have to tell you about Bowdabra.
  Sorry no pictures today. I’m too tired to download them from my camera.

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