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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Randomness for today

Yesterday our Literary Club program was on Cuba today. Two of our members had traveled To Cuba and showed a presentation which was very informative. The meetings are always enjoyable and we sit and have tea and cookies afterwards.

Pink sky in morning, sailors take warning. We are expecting snow to be coming soon. We have been so fortunate to have great fall weather. Having the snow delayed this year has been so nice. We always hate to see it begins, beautiful as it is.

I've noticed that outdoor decorations have been beginning to go up. Some people, including me, like to do outdoor decorating while the weather is still nice. I remember years when we were out in the freezing cold trying to hang lights.

I saw this wreath on Pinterest that I was drawn to. Then I saw it was from Nell Hill's. There are some decorators that you really enjoy and she is one of them. You can subscribe to her new letter which is full of great ideas. I wish I lived near her store. She doesn't sell online.


I don't decorate with whites but I live seeing rooms decorated with white and ivory especially with a touch of green. And love black and white checked bows.

Last night we enjoyed card playing at my in laws. We've been playing a new game called 2500. It takes a long time to play especially with seven people so we usually only get one game in.

I hope you all enjoy a lovely Saturday.



  1. Good you got to your in-laws, before the snow comes!!!!!! I remember the last time, you tried to get to them.... -sigh-

  2. You got your groove on!! New card game? Bring it!! laughing....Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ❤️


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