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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Are you holding out?

Each year I am faced with a dilemma…should I hold out and not put my Christmas decorations out till after Thanksgiving or should I give in and go ahead and decorate for Christmas ahead of time? I have always waited. Long ago I didn’t decorate until two weeks before Christmas. Then it became the week after Thanksgiving. And last year since my son from Tennessee and his family were coming for Thanksgiving I went ahead and decorated so they could see the house all ready for the holiday. And I really liked that because after they went home everything was done. And what difference does a week make anyway?
  It just doesn’t seem right to celebrate Thanksgiving with all the Christmas items staring you in the face. But everywhere I go Christmas is here.
  Even on the blogs I’m beginning to see trees go up and Christmas ideas. It’s really getting me in the mood. So today I put out my window box decorations. Just some greenery and lights along with some large metal snowflakes I bought at Hobby Lobby. Each year I am trying to simplify and that is about as simple as you can get. I’ll hang a wreath on the door with a spotlight and some bows on the picket fence and that will do it for the front of the house. A wreath at the lightpole and a sled and lights at the back door ought to do it for this year.




  1. Thinking about it.

    Not outdoors but in doors.

    What difference does it make anyway? We can do what feels right for us, at our own house. :-)


  2. Chuckling...:). Do what makes you happy, that's all that matters ❤️


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