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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Christmas in the Country


This smiling face is my friend Linda. Today she and I went to Buffalo to the Hamburg Fair Grounds to attend Christmas in the Country, a craft show. There were four buildings full of all kinds of crafts. I haven't attended a craft show for quite a while so it was so much fun.



  1. Hi, Peggy! I've been catching up on our recent blogs again. What fun to see your friend and you having such a fun time together. Best photo though. Sean and sara looking up at their parents in that love-filled photo. No Christmas decorations for me until after Thanksgiving. It's all coming up so fast! I'm so glad that you create such happy, joyful, and love-filled posts. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. there is something in OKC that they hold twice a year like that. it's HUGE and very popular. it's called 'affair of the heart.'
    it takes up 4 or 5 big buildings at the state fair grounds.
    and peggy!
    there are a few trees in town that are FINALLY starting to turn a little !!! YAYYYY! autumn has maybe made it to the prairie after all! xo♥

  3. I even love the little Christmas fairs held at little churches so I would go nuts at one this big! Fun!

  4. UGH!!! Told you I am not photogenic...laughing


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