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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rainy trip

The trip home today from Chris' was rainy all day. It's a four hour trip without stopping but of course we stopped for lunch so got home around three thirty. We were happy to see the new house and Don was a big help to Chris. He worked all day yesterday with Michele to get the drywall up. They are trying get the painting done too. before they move in. I know they can't wait to get settled.


We made quite a get trips back and forth from the old house to the new but it was only four miles. Chris was delighted to find a house nearby since he has always liked his community. There was a sheep pasture that we passed every time so I stopped to take some pictures. This one looks rather like a painting since the iPad doesn't take clear pictures near dark.





  1. I thought the picture was of an old Dutch painting, Peggy. Lovely.

  2. It looks delightfully like a painting!

    Lots of accomplishment, on your trip.


  3. How nice!! As far as I am concerned, your IPad did good :)


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