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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Why is it we take one day to be thankful for our blessings? Tomorrow we will share with friends and family if we are fortunate to do so and will be content and grateful. We will fill our bellies with traditional foods to the point where we can't stuff ourselves anymore. And we will be happy.

don't get me wrong, I will be happy and grateful right along with everyone else. But on my mind will be thoughts of so many more around the globe who do not have the joy that I am experiencing. My heart is breaking for them. Mothers who cannot find food for their children. Families torn apart seeking refuge. People with only what they can carry on their backs trying to find a better life. Such sadness.

I didn't mean for this post to bring you down. I just realize that I am so blessed and thankful beyond belief. Bless you my friends and enjoy a grateful holiday.


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  1. i too think of the refugees and the homeless every single day.
    can't get them out of my mind actually.
    i cannot even imagine. i wrote about it on my post too.
    i don't think it's a bad thing to remember them. i just wish we could do more to help them.
    it's freezing rain here. i'm warm enough. my lamps are lighted. and i have food. how much more thankful could i be! such blessings. ♥


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