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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Is it too early to do a Christmas project?

Oh my gosh..it's beginning. I'm starting to see Christmas wreaths and trees on blogs already. Just like the stores some bloggers are decorating early. To me that is rushing the season. I want to hang on to fall and enjoy thanksgiving first. Though I admit that since I was having my family from the south last Thanksgiving I wanted them to see the house all decorated for Christmas so I went ahead.

But I think I'll take my time this year and wait until after Thanksgiving. I know it's tempting. When I saw this banner it was too cute not to make. And so easy.

Thank you to DIYSwamk for the free printable. You can find it here..



Then all you need are a few supplies..


I got the rubber cement, red poster board and dotted ribbon at Walmart.

Then just print the letters out. I put them on card stock and could have used them without the red border but I thought they were cuter with it.

Then cut out the red triangles just a little bit bigger than the letters. Punch a hole in the corners and thread the ribbon through. It would look nice with a blue background and white ribbon too.

It turned out a little larger than I would have wanted it but I tried it out below the mantle and I think it looks good. Now I'll just put it away until later. I can't tell you how much fun it was to do this easy project. Would you like to try it?


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  1. NEVER too early, to do what you want to do!!!!!!!


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